Boats should be washed down on a regular basis to prevent damage and deterioration from dirt, salt, airborne particles and dust. It is especially important to adequately wash down a vessel after returning from sea.

Platinum Yacht Management offers one off and regular wash down services which includes a full hull and superstructure wash removing salt, dirt and dust, hatch cleaning, stainless steel and window chamois.

white boat on sea
teak deck rejuvenation


Dirt and grime will fast track the deterioration process on a teak deck. For teak deck longevity, it is important to incorporate scheduled teak deck rejuvenation into maintenance programs.

Teak deck rejuvenation includes a thorough teak clean and brighten. This is recommended every 6 months and should be completed after the wet season.

Platinum Yacht Management use high quality marine teak cleaning products that lift the mould and dirt from the grain easily before using an effective teak brightener.


Moisture and a salty environment contribute to the corrosion of stainless steel fixtures on a vessel, especially in areas that have little oxygen. This is why corrosion normally starts at the base of bedded stainless-steel fittings, at longitudinal joins of rolled handrails, or in cock-pit areas. Welded areas also have a higher susceptibility to corrosion.

It is vital to keep on top of stainless steel corrosion to avoid deterioration of fittings and rigging and to prevent rust streaks embedding in the coating.

PYM can organise stainless steel repairs and polishing.

stainless steel
cut polish and wax


Overtime, due to the sun and the elements, gelcoat or 2pak coatings oxidize leaving a chalky appearance also becoming porous allowing dirt, rust and miscellaneous particles to make stains.

Platinum Yacht Management offers a high quality machine cut and polishing service which brings dull, chalky and oxidised coatings back to life. The final stage involves the application of wax which is applied to protect the surface and improve shine.


For newer and well maintained vessels with little or no oxidation, a marine cleaner and wax product can be applied regularly to prolong the life of the coating. Regularly waxed coatings can retain gloss for 10 years or more.

Marine wax have numerous properties to protect restore the coating.

Platinum Yacht Management provides one-off or regular high quality machine or hand applied waxing services.

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clean clears


Platinum Yacht Management uses high quality products to clean and protect boat clears and without damaging or scratching the plastic.

Applying a cleaner and protector regularly to plastic clears helps to prevent wear, tear and sun damage. The protector and polish ensures the clears look clean and transparent.

To improve the longevity of boat clears, regular cleaning and protector application is a must.


Platinum Yacht Management provides a window cleaning and rejuvenation service.

Dirt, salt and airborne contaminants allowed to settle on window surfaces for long periods of time cause the glass to look dull and cloudy with visible stained water marks. Regular window cleaning with a protector applied prevents this from happening.

For windows that have been let go, Platinum Yacht Management can use a high quality compound that removes stains and other imperfections without scratching the glass.

teak deck on yacht
boat engine


If you have ever experienced an engine break down at sea you would understand why it’s so important to keep a vessel’s engine room clean, tidy and free from flammable items.

A clean and detailed engine room makes visual inspections a lot easier when trouble shooting and improves safety in emergency situations.

Regular engine detailing can prevent engine parts from corroding. From time to time raw salt water may seep through engine fittings and with low oxygen creates the perfect environment for corrosion. Platinum Yacht Management will also ensure relevant control linkages and fittings are well greased.


The bilge on a boat can be forgotten and neglected despite it’s importance. At some point, all vessels will end up with either sea water, grey water or black water in the bilge along with dirt and other items. It is essential to keep a vessels bilge clean for the following reasons:

  • Dirty bilges cause bilge pumps to get clogged when they are most needed;
  • To prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mould;
  • To avoid foul, overwhelming bilge odours;
  • To prevent rust and corrosion of fittings and parts that lie in the bilge and to ensure the safety of the vessel.

Platinum Yacht Management provides a thorough bilge cleaning and maintenance service.