Vessel Management

The Platinum Yacht Management team have a wealth of experience working in the maritime industry and offer full vessel management services. 

The PYM team manage and organise:

– vessel preventative maintenance;

– essential maintenance and repairs;

– interior and exterior care;

– engine services;

– vessel crewing needs and more.

PYM’s head office is based at Gold Coast City Marina (GCCM) and Shipyard which is the most reputable and well equipped superyacht facility and shipyard in Queensland. We can organise scheduled slipping, antifouling and project manage minor re-fits using our trusted industry affiliates, also based at GCCM.



Our regular boat detailing services and maintenance programs are tailored to meet our individual clients needs and vessel requirements.

Programs can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly and may include:

  • regular washdown and chamois removing dirt, dust, mould, salt and watermarks;
  • teak deck cleaning & rejuvenation (recommended every 6 months;
  • stainless steel polishing (recommended every 3 months);
  • rust removal;
  • hull and superstructure cut and polish/waxing;
  • engine runs / engine checks (recommended every fortnight)
  • bilge cleaning and checks;
  • slipping and antifouling (recommended every 12 – 18 months);
  • storm preparation and welfare checks; and
  • interior cleaning and care.


Our team at PYM can offer the full suite of marine detailing services to the highest of standards. 

Our detailing services include:

  • hull and superstructure cut and polish wax;
  • regular wax application;
  • full vessel wash down and chamois;
  • rust and water mark removal;
  • clear clean and polish;
  • teak deck rejuvenation;
  • engine room & bilge cleaning & detail;
  • stainless steel polishing;
  • window clean and polishing;
  • flybridge and cock-pit clean and detail; and
  • tender and jet-ski clean and detail.

checks / runs

Regular engine checks are important to ensure an efficient and trouble free voyage. Regular engine runs result in fewer breakdowns and engine part and battery longevity. 

PYM conducts regular visits to their clients vessel to conduct engine checks, battery checks and run the engines for half an hour or so. During these inspections our qualified team can report any issues of note and organise repairs if needed.


Ideally a vessel should be pulled onto the slipway for hull cleaning and antifouling every 10 – 16 months.

How often this should happen depends on how regularly the vessel is used and what latitude / water temperature the vessel is usually moored at. Antifouling agents applied to the hull will prevent the fouling off barnacles, slime and marine organisms from settling.

A dirty hull can cause serious damage to the vessels underwater working gear, increase fuel consumption and reduce vessel speed.

PYM can organise a regular slip, hull clean, antifoul and post slip detail for all sized vessels up to 300 tonne at Gold Coast City Marina, working closely with the marina affiliates. 

Platinum Yacht Management - Vessel Management, Gold Coast

STORM preparation and welfare checks

When significant rain and storm events are forecast PYM undertakes vessel storm preparation checks and welfare checks on the Gold Coast. This is a helpful service for clients that live or holiday away from the Gold Coast. 

Our storm preparation checks include:

– bilge and bilge pump checks;

– battery checks;

– hatch inspections;

– water tight integrity checks;

– mooring line inspections and securing additional mooring lines.

The team is able to conduct welfare checks during weather events (if safe to do so) and after the fact to report to the owner on their vessel’s status. 


Platinum Yacht Management provide a high quality food and beverage provisions service for commercial operations and private charters. 

The PYM team organise food and beverage ordering, collection and delivery. The team can pack the items away and prepare the vessel for charter if required.  

We can organise provisioning for short and long voyages considering crew numbers, use by dates and dietary requirements.


EVENTs and catering

The Platinum Yacht Management team is experienced in on-water event preparation, catering and crewing whether it be for onboard private functions, parties, work events or weddings.

Our services include:

– event preparation and planning;

– food and beverage provisioning;

– catering;

– event crewing (skipper, deckhand, hostess);

– band and DJ arrangements; and

– post event clean up and wash downs.